Döhle Yachts Technical Services offer an array of training courses to help support anyone from designers, naval architects and shipyards. Our team can provide a range of content including regulatory developments and the new Red Ensign Group Yacht Code (REG-YC). Our in-house expertise is unique, as having chaired the development steering group that drafted the REG-YC, our trainers can provide a valuable insight into not only the intricacies of the latest updates, but the subtleties of the intent behind the regulations and how best to apply the flexibility afforded therein.

With the extensive operational experience held within the Döhle Yachts team, we can also help train designers and naval architects to develop projects that will not only meet the wishes of the yacht owner and the requirements of the regulations, but are developed to be seamlessly functional for those living and working on-board, delivering the best possible experience.

Training courses can be arranged anywhere in the world to any number of people and content can be tailored to your specific needs or the level of experience/expertise of those receiving the training.

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