These guides have been compiled by Döhle Yacht Crew to provide an introduction for those who are contemplating working in the remarkable and prestigious world of superyachts. It will also be of assistance to those who are already in the industry who are considering moving up the career ladder.

As the title states, these are guides, they are not intended to be definitive or comprehensive documents.

In the Guide to Careers on Superyachts we cover:

Information on the superyacht industry and how it has grown – How to get into the industry and how to apply – Basic qualifications – CV writing and preparing for the interview – The “Career Tree” – The Large Yacht Code, MLC and SEA – Tax and NI – The “Seasons” – Useful Links

For detailed information on each type of job available on superyachts, follow the links to Deck Positions, Interior Positions and Engineering Positions.

We have also published a comprehensive Glossary of Nautical Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms.

All these guides can be downloaded below:

Guide to Careers on Superyachts (1.5mb PDF)

Guide to Deck Positions (774kb PDF)

Guide to Interior Positions (658kb PDF)

Guide to Engineering Positions (657kb PDF)

Glossary of Nautical Terms (406kb PDF)

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